Don't Blink

Drakkon - Entry 1

Winged Death

First gargoyles, then . . . Hells, I don’t even know. What is it with scary things with bat wings? I mean, I know I’m a dragon and all, but fuck! They were just flying heads! And they bite! Fuck!

Okay, okay, it’s not that bad. They were definitely evil, and they went down pretty easily, so chalk one or two up to performing my duties as a traveling Paladin. Which, by the way, isn’t as easy or glamorous as it sounds. But, hells, it beats being back home. I could never lay eyes on the Dragon Coast again, and I would die happy. I’ll take a hundred flying, biting, bat-winged heads over going back to that hell. Also, the coin and recognition isn’t bad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it for the coin. It’s just a nice bonus. Bring glory to Helm’s name, and make a bunch of cash. Not a horrible life, all in all.

My only real concern is the people with whom I find myself. I’m not sure I have any real reason to dislike them, yet, but it seems like I’m just waiting for them to give me one. The Moon Elf is the best of the bunch. She’s very much into getting the job done. It’s the Drow and Genasi I worry about. Drow . . . have a reputation, to put it mildly. This one seem different. More like a Wizard from any of the surface races than a Drow Warlock. Still, I’m keeping an eye on him. At the very least, he seems the type to mislead, or even lie, to get a little extra coin. I’m all for earning some honest gold. Even as a holy man, I must admit that it is a necessity in this world. But one of the most important words there is honest gold. Still, it’s not like we don’t do what we’re paid for.

Which brings me to the Genasi. She’s got spirit, I’ll give her that. And, for being a mage type, she likes being in the thick of the fight. Gotta respect a girl, especially a mage, who has the guts to do that. Especially one who pulls it off as well as she does. The problem with her is that she likes fire. A lot. Perhaps a bit too much. I mean, hells, I’m part dragon. I can appreciate the power and beauty of fire. I’m just always afraid the next town we leave we won’t ever be coming back to. Because it’s ash. And nothing more. Just ash. She scares me. On the other hand, I understand her background. She was a slave for as long as she can remember, and is trying out her new found freedom. It’s exciting for her, and she’s still feeling out her boundaries. Still, I’ll be keeping an eye on her, too.

Well, That’s it for now. Time for bed.



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