Don't Blink

Tynnder-Session 2 entry

Rats. Rats. Rats. Everywhere I go—Rats. I guess it started back when I was a little girl growing up as a temple slave for the priesthood of Horus-Re. We had a plague one year. Keyword: YEAR. yeah it took us a full year to get rid of the GIANT rats eating our crops and terrorizing our country. We prayed and prayed to ole’ “Hor’-Re-tio” but I thought if we just took a couple of good strong candelabras, put blazing torches in them and started whacking it would have done more good. I got nothing against my god, good guy if you ask me, I just see worship as a bit more…hands on. But NOOOOOoooo I couldn’t do ANYTHING. I had to take that damn oath of docility every morning ‘cause they thought otherwise I’d go nuts and start burning whole cities forests down. Ha. Showed them….

Anyway, that was a long, long time ago. Still, since I’ve been traveling with this motley crew, I’ve been on the trail of the nasty rats. Almost caught one earlier this week, actually. We found this guy dead in our “hometown” as it were (but really, who cares? it was just that creepy lavender smelling guy with the puffy pants…) and we chased down a rat trail to find the man-sized rodent that took him down. We went out into the woods north of town and found some tracks and bloodstained dirt. That know-it-all moon elf said it was an Owlbear attack. Yeah right. I know a rat trail when I see one. So I went over to the bloodstain and started looking all helpless-like to attract the bully rat. I guess all that talk of Owlbears got the attention of well, some Owlbears, because next thing I know, a big beak-faced furball starts biting me. I took a swing, missed, almost bled to death and well…… I never did catch that giant rat.



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