Don't Blink

Drakkon - Entry 3


Lady Silvermoon. We owe her a lot. I mean a lot. So, when she says jump, we ask how high. Some of our newer members question this, as they don’t remember all she’s done for us. . . . Well, actually, they’re all newer members now, aren’t they? I’m the only one left. The only original member of this little company we’ve developed. And I keep it going. I don’t like the role of leadership, but this is the dream of an old friend. Until he comes back to claim it, I’ll keep it going for him.

Anyway, a little off topic. The latest leap Lady Silvermoon had us make involved finding a particular statue. And it wasn’t even where she said it was going to be. We almost died from the gargoyles. On the plus side, we saved a gorgon child. Well, I think it’s a plus. Most of the group didn’t. We did eventually find the statue, though. As much as we owe Lady Silvermoon, she’s becoming more and more suspicious. I don’t like to think of the possibility that someday we might have to act against her. Hopefully it won’t ever come to that.




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